The Gradzette is the official student magazine of the University of Manitoba’s graduate student community and is published each month by the Manitoban Newspaper Publications Corporation. The Gradzette is open to participation from all students. It exists to serve its readers as students and citizens.

The magazine’s primary mandate is to report fairly and objectively on issues and events of importance and interest to the graduate students of the University of Manitoba, to provide an open forum for the free expression and exchange of opinions and ideas, and to stimulate meaningful debate on issues that affect or would otherwise be of interest to the student body and/or society in general.

The Gradzette serves as a training ground for students interested in any aspect of journalism. Students and other interested parties are invited to contribute.

The Gradzette reserves the right to edit all submissions and will not publish any material deemed by its editor or publisher to be discriminatory, racist, sexist, homophobic or libelous. Opinions expressed in letters and articles are solely those of the authors.

All contents are ©2016 and may not be reprinted without the express written permission of the Manitoban Newspaper Publications Corporation.

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