Say hello to the new Gradzette

Hello, readers of the Gradzette!

My name is Ryan Catte and I am the magazine’s new managing editor. As a current master’s student from the department of sociology, I know how easy it is to finish your degree with only a limited connection with peers from other departments and the U of M itself. Consequently, our new credo for the Gradzette is ‘for graduate students, by graduate students.’

Not really original, I know. But instead of using nebulous rhetoric, we truly want to transform the Gradzette into a medium for you to share your knowledge and express your opinions and discuss the challenges you face as a graduate student (including finances, housing, family obligations, and more).

The core of my vision for the Gradzette is understanding the graduate student holistically. We’ll achieve this by having articles that speak to a graduate student’s interpersonal relationships, professional development, and general interests. Our goal is to have one article each month that fits within one of each of the three categories.

I believe it’s important to be transparent with you about the Gradzette’s direction. It’s my ultimate hope that graduate students from the U of M will openly opt to write articles and op-ed pieces for the Gradzette about topics they feel are important to them and other graduate students.

My office is located in 109 Helen Glass, my email is, and we have active Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please, please, please come to see me, email me, or send me a message through social media to let me know what you want to see and tell me about yourself. There are approximately 3,700 graduate students at the U of M, so let’s start getting to know and help one another.

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