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New GSA website, contact information

It appears May has brought us not only a new slate of GSA executives, but also a brand new GSA website.

No longer, as of May 4 the official UMGSA website will be located at This move, as the GSA administration explains, is the result of decisions that were made at the Oct. 30, 2012 Special General Meeting.

Along with the sleek new look of, students will notice that the email addresses for GSA executives have also changed.  The following list reflects the newly updated contact information for the GSA executive as well as the GSA office:

President: Monika Wetzel –

VP Academic: Mehdi Rahimian –

VP External: Crystal Cook –

VP Internal: Farhoud Delijani –

VP Health Science: Melissa Rabb –

Senator: Calistus Ekenna –

Senator: Gustavo Mejicanos –

Senator at HSGSA: Emeke Okeke –

Office Manager: Ruth Prokesch –

Office Assistant: Trish Kelley –

HSGSA President: Melissa Rabb –

HSGSA VP Internal: Jessica Forbes –

HSGSA VP External: Kamilla Kosciuczyk –

HSGSA VP Academics: Amrit Boese –

HSGSA VP St Boniface: Alison Muller –

HSGSA VP Marketing Events: Andrew Stalker –


GSA awards open for application

Grad students looking to garner a little more funding for their education would do well to check out the recently opened 2013-14 University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association Awards.

As the application states, the awards are “designed to recognize the important contributions graduate students make to society through scholarship and community involvement.”

“The awards have been made possible by the generous contribution of Dr. James Burns, a levy applied to all graduate students approved through a GSA referendum, and a contribution made by the Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative.”

Students are asked to submit their applications to their own department, each of which is eligible to nominate one master’s level student, one PhD level student, and one part-time student. Among the available GSA awards are two for master’s level students ($12,000 each), one for doctoral students ($16,000), and two for part-time students ($5,000 each).

In addition to the above listed GSA awards, nominations are also open for the 2013-14 University of Manitoba Graduate Student’ Association Teaching Award. The teaching award ($500) is given to one individual who, in the estimation of their graduate students, has made “a significant contribution to their teaching profession.”

Applications for the awards can be found at all graduate departments, as well as Inquiries regarding the awards can be directed to

The deadline for all GSA award applications/nominations is Monday, May 27.


Call for Senate committee members

The GSA is inviting students to get involved and join one of the various Senate committees currently in need of members.

Among the committees with vacant positions are:  the Senate Committee on Academic Freedom, the Senate Committee on Admission Appeals, the Senate Committee on Awards, the Senate Committee on Instruction and Evaluation, the Senate Committee on Academic Review, the Senate Committee on Admissions, the Senate Committee on Academic Dress, and the Senate Committee on Nominations .

“This is an opportunity for you to influence academic policy at the U of M, gain firsthand experience, and receive recognition on your record,” says GSA president Monika Wetzel.

The students’ association is also seeking to fill vacancies on the Faculty Council of Graduate Studies. Needed are two students from humanities, two students from social sciences, two students from natural sciences, two students from health sciences, and two students from agricultural sciences.

Students interested in volunteering for any of these positions should contact for more information.

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